About Me



Refuse here the ideologies of classical academism. Abraham Dayan, develops his own linguistic writing based on new geometric architectures. His work , therefore, goes beyond the cubist vision of Picasso or Braque.

There are works that take up the course of humanity. Worlds that confront each other. Worlds with his men or women. Worlds where the cartesian axis is redefined. Its outlines are drawn by ideal bisectors that give story a well defined structure. In Dayan’s painting each character represented tells his story.

We find ourselves faced with what Goffman in his book The Staging of Everyday Life has defined as “scene” and “slide”.

I am a Contemporary International Artist specialized in painting. Born in the year 1960 and brought up in Paris next to the Place de la République by my family with no artistic background, but from the very beginning I used to have a soft corner towards arts and painting. I remember, our family used to have vacations and all I was totally into beautiful arts and paintings like antique furniture, chandeliers, carpets and embroidery on walls, and these were the moments which encouraged and prepared an inner artist within me.

I always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer and this dream was slowly leading me towards a new era of experiences, at 18 I created my own watch brand “Epilogue” with a wide range of fashionable products which was a success. But after a period of 8 long years, my devotions and love of Painting started out-breaking from inside and I gave up everything to dedicate myself into Painting. On my own, I started learning from about “History of Art” from Middle Ages till today and become a self-trained artist of Contemporary Art Painting.

Back in Paris I painted more than hundred paintings but never made it public. It was in USA that I started showing my creation to the world and got a positive feedback which boosted up my confidence and the journey of becoming a New Figurative Painting Artist began. In 2003, I participated the competition for Biennial of Florence in Italy and then the tour: Zurich International Art, Savannah International Art Festival of Jazz, Art Philadelphia International Art Festival, New York at Agora gallery, Biennial of Chianciano Italy, Biennial of Palermo, Biennial of Verona, Biennial of Mantova, Bruno Massa Gallery started.

My paintings basically convey new creation, emotions, unique creativity and beauty of the world filled with colors to make viewer imagine and understand the love. Now many of Custom Canvas Painting is exhibited in famous art galleries worldwide and also been featured in many art magazines. Also I am a fully fledged Canvas Oil Painting Artist and they are mesmerizing. So just check out my creations which I believe will make you lost into it.