New Abstract Figurative Painting Artist


Figurative paintings are often known as figurativism, describing works of art, mostly paintings and sculptures; which are explicitly drawn from real sources of objects and are thus representational by definition.

Being a contemporary Abstract Figurative Artist, his art gallery also includes Abstract Paintings that do not represent an accurate representation of a visual reality but use shapes, colors and forms instead. Abraham Dayan draws the shapes that provide a really well-described structure for the plot. Any character depicted in a painting by Abraham Dayan reveals a story. Abraham Dayan inspired a generation of New Figurative Abstract Painting Artists who sought in a different way to straddle the line of contemporaneity.

Best Figurative Painting Artists can also go beyond reinterpreting single historical artworks; it can also reference entire traditions. A good figurative painting does something to you, surprises you, takes you somewhere different, is convincing and generous and often leaves you speechless.